You will have to get used to filling out forms, if you want to marry a Filipina. They are not difficult, though (neither the forms nor the Filipinas).
Go to the INS Web site to DownLoad some of these; some must be ordered for delivery by mail, don't bother asking WHY - but at least you can also order those at the same site:

Forms from the INS site

Here is information on VISAs (from the State Department, not INS):

The forms you most want are:
(1) Either I-129F (Fiance Visa) or I-130 (Spouse Visa), depending on whether you got married in the Philippines or not
(2) G-325A (Biographic Information)
(3) I-134 (Affidavit of Support)
UpDate: Now they have a Package called "I-864 Package", which probably replaces the I-134 form.

Form I-751 is the Petition to Remove Conditions on Resident Status.
NOTE WELL: Despite the instructions on this form, she does NOT EVER get deported just because you refused to submit this form - even if you want her deported! It is a totally useless form, don't waste your time filing it! We mention it just so you'll have the information.